The Definitive… Like, Seriously, Definitive… Power Rankings Of Cold Leftovers

On Glenn Clark Radio, we sometimes like to put together “definitive” power rankings because we are authorities on most matters. On Friday’s show, in honor of Glenn’s microwave being on the fritz, we did Definitive Power Rankings of Cold Leftovers. Enjoy.

The Definitive Power Rankings of Cold Leftovers

10. Stuffing

Top Thanksgiving cold leftover, bar none.

9. Latkes

Not a staple, but undeniably tasty.

8. Wings

Undeniably delicious and convenient, but they are definitely better when heated properly in a toaster.

7. Fried Chicken

Something delightful about the non-crunchy version of this dish.

6. Spaghetti

Easy to just go to town.

5. Pizza

Many peoples’ top dog, we feel it really only holds true when the pizza is below a certain level of quality. Otherwise, the pizza is better when reheated.

4. Chinese Food

White rice aside, there are few dishes that don’t taste great cold.

3. Meatloaf

There was enough listener insistence where we had to include it this high; delicious on white bread with ketchup (though Glenn doesn’t agree).

2. Mac & Cheese

Just a beautiful clump of cheesy pasta.

1. Sausage

Just run away with a grilled sausage in hand and be happy.

If you missed the conversation, listen to it in its entirety below…

Kyle Ottenheimer

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