Here at Glenn Clark Radio, we always reflect on the Baltimore Ravens game in a more jovial manner.  In retrospect, we like to choose five players on the team who — depending on the outcome of the game — deserve a Pat On The Ass or Slap To The Helmet.

The rules are simple: pick two players on defense, two players on offense, and one “wild card” (an offensive player, defensive player, special teamer or coach) who stuck out from the pack.

As you all are surely aware, the Ravens beat the Giants in convincing fashion in Week 16, and as a result, we have some Ass Pats to hand out.

They will count down in sequential order before we name the ultimate prize — Two Pats on the Ass.  That one player who one single Pat just wouldn’t sit right.

Without further ado:

Glenn’s Pats on the Ass, Week 16:

5. CB Marlon Humphrey 

He’s still one of the best defensive players in the NFL and his breakup late in the first half prevented the Giants from having any opportunity at all to make it a football game.

4. Linebacker Chris Board

What a season he’s had. 

3. Running Back Gus Edwards

If not for the fumble, he probably would have been number one.

2. Quarterback Lamar Jackson

He has absolutely played like 2019 Lamar Jackson in recent weeks and we have every right to be excited moving towards the playoffs.

1. Left tackle Orlando Brown (two pats)

Not only was he dominant yesterday, he’s been brilliant all season and we probably haven’t given him enough love on these lists.

Kyle’s Pats on the Ass, Week 16:

5. Anthony Averett

His return has been more than welcome, as the Ravens depth had been decimated at the cornerback position. While it was the Giants, and he did miss a tackle, he was largely effective.

4. Chris Board

He is quickly ascending past the point of special teams ace.

3. J.K. Dobbins

While I wish he had caught his screen pass, he continued his impressive play. This spot would have gone to Mark Andrews had he reeled in one of his two touchdowns.

2. Gus Edwards

Can’t say enough about how impressive he has been in space this season. His elusiveness has stuck out,  as he is no longer just a guy who “gets the yards that are there.”

1. Lamar Jackson

He was pretty great yesterday (fumble aside), and his statline should have included two more passing touchdowns, had Andrews corralled them. He’s playing his best football these past three weeks, and that’s good.

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Kyle Ottenheimer

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