Here at Glenn Clark Radio, we always reflect on the Baltimore Ravens game in a more jovial manner.  In retrospect, we like to choose five players on the team who — depending on the outcome of the game — deserve a Pat On The Ass or Slap To The Helmet.

The rules are simple: pick two players on defense, two players on offense, and one “wild card” (an offensive player, defensive player, special teamer or coach) who stuck out from the pack.

The Ravens couldn’t send Roethlisberger into retirement with a loss, so Glenn and Paul have some Slaps to the Helmet to hand out.

They will count down in sequential order before we name the ultimate prize — Two Slaps to the Helmet.  That one player who one slap just wouldn’t isn’t enough.

Without further ado:

Glenn’s Slaps to the Helmet:

5. OC Greg Roman

In hindsight, the Ravens’ ability to run the ball on the Steelers’ porous run defense makes you question why there wasn’t more of a focus on running the ball in the first half. 

4. DB Jimmy Smith

They needed a stop late in overtime. He had the opportunity to make the play on Diontae Johnson to get the Steelers off the field and he didn’t. 

3. DB Brandon Stephens

Had a huge opportunity for an interception that was probably a pick six. Just a massive miss. 

2. WR Hollywood Brown

The touchdown drop is inexcusable for any player but far more significantly inexcusable for a player of his caliber. 

1. QB Tyler Huntley (two slaps)
He was just not good. Still a neat story, just not a starting quarterback. 

Paul Valle’s Slaps to the Helmet

5. Greg Roman

I try to leave the coaches off of these lists if I can, and I understand what this team has gone through. But the play calls, especially on third and fourth down, have become predictable

4. Tony Jefferson

3rd & 7 on the game winning drive and he had Freiermuth blanketed in coverage and he couldn’t even get a hand up.

3. Patrick Queen

The athleticism is off the charts, but this man just misses way too many tackles. It’s maddening

2. Marquise Brown

His hands, or lack thereof, have become a problem. He never has them in the right place, and he only makes catches with his body. He doesn’t break tackles or make people miss. He’s a one trick pony and that trick doesn’t pay the bills

1. Tyler Huntley

I don’t want to hear another word about his ability compared to Lamar. He was downright awful. Missed throw after missed throw, poor decisions, and at times he just held onto the ball too long. Few have ever played worse at the position for this franchise than Huntley did on Sunday.

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Paul Valle

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