Here at Glenn Clark Radio, we always reflect on the Baltimore Ravens game in a more jovial manner.  In retrospect, we like to choose five players on the team who — depending on the outcome of the game — deserve a Pat On The Ass or Slap To The Helmet.

The rules are simple: pick two players on defense, two players on offense, and one “wild card” (an offensive player, defensive player, special teamer or coach) who stuck out from the pack.

The Ravens missed another game-deciding two-point conversion to lose to Green Bay this week, so Glenn and Paul have some Slaps to the Helmet to hand out.

They will count down in sequential order before we name the ultimate prize — Two Slaps to the Helmet.  That one player who one slap just wouldn’t isn’t enough.

Without further ado:

Glenn’s Slaps to the Helmet:

5. RB Davonta Freeman

The blocking was…far better than usual. And even on the long runs that Latavius Murray had, there were far more yards that another back might have had on them. Admittedly, it was a difficult day to pick offensive players but the running backs left yards on the field. 

4. OL Ben Cleveland

I know the penalty was debatable, but it was still a critical moment that might have ultimately cost the Ravens a shot at four more points. On a tough day to pick offensive players, it was enough to make the list. 

3. CB Robert Jackson

I get it. He’s not really an NFL defensive back. But you can only judge the players who played. 

2. LB Patrick Queen

There was a moment during the game when Troy Aikman noted some missed tackles and said “this is not Ravens football.” But…ummm….I, uh, I don’t see it the same way. Queen has played really well for the last seven or so games (and finished with 13 tackles yesterday). But the linebackers missed a lot of tackles yesterday too. So he’s sort of representing the entire unit. 

1. EDGE Odafe Oweh (two slaps)

You can call the penalty “weak” all you want. It was inexcusable. And on a day he didn’t do anything else, it was enough to make him #1. 

Paul Valle’s Slaps to the Helmet

5. Ben Cleveland

His false start pushed the Ravens back on a 4th and about half a yard and forced a field goal. The Ravens seemed to be able to score at will last yesterday, and that could have been the difference

4. Marquise Brown

10 catches is nice. 43 yards is not. Brown has to find a way to break some tackles for this team

3. Brandon Williams

Packers RBs had 11 carries for 49 yards in the second half, including 6 for 36 yards on a nearly seven and a half minute TD drive to open the third quarter. The Ravens needed a strong showing from the defensive line and though the stat sheet looks good, they were susceptible to strong runs up the gut in the second half

2. Odafe Oweh

Absolute non-factor in this game. A good pass rush could have kept Aaron Rodgers off balance. He provided nothing. This kid needs to develop some moves to get by tackles at this level, because speed isn’t enough

1. John Harbaugh (two Slaps)

Going for two twice in three weeks and failing both times when an XP ties the game is a bad look.
And the play calling on two-point Conversions and goal-to-go situations where the QB rolls out right and eliminates 75% of the field is just awful and they call it almost every time. I don’t think this team is even relevant without Harbaugh this year, but an XP gives you a sliver of hope, a missed two-point conversion kills you where you stand.    

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Paul Valle

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