On Glenn Clark Radio, we sometimes like to put together “definitive” power rankings because we are authorities on most matters. On Friday’s show, in honor of our friend Matt Myers bringing us in some delicious buffalo wings, we put together a final list of the top ten bar foods. The criteria comes down to consistency/reliability in flavor and execution (and the lengths to which you could comfortably go and expect to find them). Enjoy.

The Definitive Power Rankings of National Play-by-Play Voices

10. Quesadilla (K-Dilla)

Pretty hard to screw up.

9. Fried Pickles

Flavor is nice, sometimes they can be a bit soggy though.

8. Nachos

While in theory they deserve to be much higher, the execution often fall short. If anything, you can bet that the people preparing them will create a layer of chips that barely have any toppings on the bottom.

7. Pretzels & Beer Cheese

Strong recommendations from friends like Nick Kelly and John from Little Rock.

6. Onion Rings

If they arrive stacked like a tower, bonus points.

5. Crab Dip

The only dip worthy of inclusion.

4. Tots

Ideally loaded.

3. Mozzarella Sticks

While rarely any individual’s favorite, they are enjoyed by all.

2. Shrimp & Onions

Strong push to be No. 1 for this, however it’s regional accessibility limits it.

1. Wings

All hail the king.

If you missed the conversation, listen to it in its entirety below…

Kyle Ottenheimer

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