As Orioles fans, we all hate the Yankees. We all hate the Red Sox. If you don’t, get bent. We do, however, have some Yankees and Red Sox who we don’t (or find it more difficult to) hate. These lists will cover both ends of the spectrum. In honor of Dustin Pedroia’s retirement, we decided to come up with our top five lists of Yankees/Red Sox from the last 25 years that we hated most and found it most difficult to hate.

Glenn’s Hardest-to-Hate List

5. Yankees RP Mariano Rivera

It was really impossible not to respect the man. 

4. Yankees P C.C. Sabathia

I always have a soft spot for “fathletes.”

3. Yankees C Jorge Posada

He was just really good and never treated as being any more than that.

2. Yankees OF Bernie Williams


1. Red Sox P Pedro Martinez

Not only couldn’t I hate him, I actually found myself damn near liking him. He was brilliant. 

Kyle’s Hardest-to-Hate List

5. Red Sox OF Manny Ramirez

I found him entertaining, frankly — good or bad.

4. Yankees Closer Mariano Rivera

Hard to be anything other than amazed by such continued dominance. He also seemed like just about the least arrogant person ever.

3. Yankees OF Hideki Matsui

I don’t know why, but he was also someone I just kind of enjoyed. Knocked Up may have assisted?

2. Red Sox OF Mookie Betts

Similar to Mariano, Mookie was just clearly a phenomenal talent. He was largely a likable person, and the more I heard him talk or saw him do things, the harder he became to hate. Just don’t effing pitch to the guy.

1. Red Sox SP Pedro Martinez

Unparalleled. So damn fun.

Glenn’s Easiest-to-Hate List

5. Yankees SS Derek Jeter

This isn’t Derek Jeter’s fault. I acknowledge he was a HELL of a baseball player. But he wasn’t the all-time “greatest of the great” player that people made him out to be and being beat over the head with that made me hate him. Plus there’s the Jeffrey Maier thing.

4. Yankees OF Raul Ibanez

This is the only one that makes my list for direct reasons. He ruined something I cared about. 

3. Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira

My “hate” for Mark Teixeira is really more about my hate for the fact that the Orioles didn’t do what was necessary to get him. But it became a civic rallying cry to hate him so I was willing to get on board.

2. Red Sox 1B/DH Kevin Millar

I’ll never forgive him for making that video for the Red Sox while employed by the Orioles. Never. Most people think he’s likable. I would have too if not for that moment.

1. Red Sox DH David Ortiz

No player perhaps in baseball history has ever been more disproportionally celebrated both on and off the field.

Kyle’s Easiest-to-Hate List

5. Kevin Youkilis

Such an ugly, punchable face. The Orioles also threw fewer strikes than balls, and the guy didn’t swing much at balls.

4. Mark Teixeira

He was an emotional representation of the how Baltimore would never measure up financially.

3. Dustin Pedroia

Similar to Youkilis, just hated looking at the guy. Hell of a player, I’m sure I’d love him if he were an Orioles great. That said, I hate him.

2. David Ortiz

The Orioles and Orioles fans seemingly witnessed most of Ortiz’s least honorable moments and outbursts. It showed his true colors. Miss me with the adulation.

1. Alex Rodriguez

Haves and Have-nots. The Yankees were embodied by the willingness to spend whatever it took to get whatever they wanted. A-Rod was the face of that. Sprinkle in his stupid faces when he complained, his blatant lies about steroids, and how much I celebrated his failures, he is No. 1.

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Kyle Ottenheimer

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