Dodgers reliever Adam Kolarek (Maryland/Catonsville HS) was a guest on Glenn Clark Radio Friday.

Among the topics he discussed were:
-Representing two schools (Maryland and Catonsville) that have not produced many World Series champions over the years
-His unique path to winning a World Series after having to try out for teams when he was younger and spending a few years toiling in the minors
-Getting to face fellow Maryland alum and his former Rays teammate (and roommate) Brandon Lowe during the World Series
-Feeling like he’s living out a dream for both himself and for his father Frank (Mt. St. Joseph), who fell just short of making MLB
-What Justin Turner means to their team/organization and why it made the situation so difficult after he tested positive for COVID-19

If you missed the conversation, click play below to listen.

Glenn Clark

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