Here at Glenn Clark Radio, we always reflect on the Baltimore Ravens game in a more jovial manner.  In retrospect, we like to choose five players on the team who — depending on the outcome of the game — deserve a Pat On The Ass or Slap To The Helmet.

The rules are simple: pick two players on defense, two players on offense, and one “wild card” (an offensive player, defensive player, special teamer or coach) who stuck out from the pack.

As you all are surely aware, the Ravens’ lost to the Steelers in Week 8, and as a result, we have some Helmet Slaps to hand out.

They will count down in sequential order before we name the ultimate detriment — Two Slaps to the Helmet.  That one player who one single Slap just wouldn’t sit right.

Without further ado:

Glenn’s Slaps to the Helmet, Week 8:

5. CB Terrell Bonds

I couldn’t put him particularly high on the list because, like, you know, he’s Terrell Bonds. 

4. LB Matt Judon

No one with a rational mind thinks he intentionally swung at an old man. But as he himself said, he’s responsible for his actions and getting into a skirmish on the sideline allowed for that to play out. 

3. HC John Harbaugh

You can tell me all you want about how one angle of the replay made it look like it was close on the Hollywood Brown touchdown. That was a mess. Harbaugh ultimately seemed to have no choice because the players were screaming and not ready to run another play. But that’s on the coach. That was a costly timeout in a game where you couldn’t afford to lose timeouts. 

2. WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown 

Yes, the Twitter thing made it worse. But he was also largely invisible. 

1. QB Lamar Jackson (two slaps)

He was terrible. But a lot of great quarterbacks have had terrible days. It just has to get better.

Kyle’s Slaps to the Helmet, Week 8:

5. Marcus Peters

The pass interference penalty was the biggest gaff, but it stood out as important. There wasn’t a lot to criticize from the defense as a whole, so we are sort of nitpicking.

4. Patrick Queen

I can only assume he was partially to blame for the success of Eric Ebron and Juju Smith-Schuster in the middle of the football field.

3. Matt Skura

Similar to Peters, the penalty accentuated his day, however it was a rough one as a whole for the Ravens’ center. He will need to play better, but as of now, it accentuates a bit of interior offensive line depth problems.

2. Greg Roman

Am I overreacting to one play on 4th and 3? Maybe I am. Even still, it was so unthinkable to go empty on that play.

1. Lamar Jackson

Not a terribly good day for him. I am to assume the poor days from Andrews and Brown are largely attributable to his putrid day.

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