Here at Glenn Clark Radio, we always reflect on the Baltimore Ravens game in a more jovial manner.  In retrospect, we like to choose five players on the team who — depending on the outcome of the game — deserve a Pat On The Ass or Slap To The Helmet.

The rules are simple: pick two players on defense, two players on offense, and one “wild card” (an offensive player, defensive player, special teamer or coach) who stuck out from the pack.

As you all are surely aware, the Ravens’ got beat down by the Chiefs on Monday night in Week 3, and as a result, we have some Helmet Slaps to hand out.

They will count down in sequential order before we name the ultimate detriment — Two Slaps to the Helmet.  That one player who one single Slap just wouldn’t sit right.

Without further ado:

Glenn’s Slaps to the Helmet, Week 3:

5. S DeShon Elliott

I have no doubt that the Mecole Hardman touchdown wasn’t individually his responsibility. But once Hardman broke free, he’s gotta be able to be there. 

4. LB Matt Judon

He just didn’t really do anything on a night they really needed him to do things. 

3. QB Lamar Jackson

There’s no sugar coating it. He needs to be better than he’s been the last two times against the Chiefs. 

2. TE Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews is an incredible football player. He’s better than this. 

1. HC John Harbaugh (two slaps)

I have no idea why they kicked on the first drive. I still don’t know why they didn’t go for it on 4th & 7. I can’t pretend like I think a field goal helped there. I also think he has to be accountable for a team getting away from who they are even if the Offensive Coordinator is the one calling the plays.

Kyle’s Slaps to the Helmet, Week 3:

5. Chuck Clark

For all of the talk of his leadership and how much of a difference his presence as the defensive play-caller makes for the defense, they looked to be out of sorts and position on more than a few occasions.

4. Orlando Brown

It felt unfair to not include a single member of the offensive line after a night where Lamar Jackson seemed to be under duress for the majority of the second half. That doesn’t help with the come-from-behind narrative at all. His false start on 4th down was the final straw for his inclusion.

3. Matt Judon

The Ravens entered the year with questions at pass rush, however if Judon is M.I.A. like he was Monday night, those problems are amplified. You can get away with heavy blitzes against most quarterbacks, not Patrick Mahomes.

2. Mark Andrews
The drops were huge. The throws could have been better, but it is still on the receiver to make some of those plays.

1. Lamar Jackson

He was off on way too many throws in a game where points are at such a premium. While he was still electric on the ground, it was a performance that clearly fell short of the admittedly high standard he’s set for himself.

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