In following with last year’s tradition, during baseball season, normal or not, Glenn, Kyle and Eric Arditti (Barstool RDT) do a fantasy draft to see who can best pick against Vegas. The goal is to pick the teams that will most overperform, or underperform, in regards to their respective over-under projections. For example, the Orioles are projected to win 20.5 games; if they win 15, that would be 5.5 points. If they somehow won 30 games, that’s worth 9.5. The loser of the bet must wear a Canadian Tuxedo, perform “Photograph” by Nickelback and “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne, and consume a bowl of mac & cheese with 10 oz of ketchup on top. Without further ado, the picks:

MIA (24.5)
MIN (34.5)
OAK (33.5)
SF (25.5)
WAS (33.5)
KCR (24.5)
LAA (31.5)
PIT (25.5)
SEA (24.5)
NYY (37.5)

MIL (30.5)
CIN (31.5)
NYM (32.5)
TOR (27.5)
COL (26.5)
ARI (31.5)
PHI (31.5)
DET (21.5)
LAD (37.5)
STL (32.5)

TBR (33.5)
CHW (31.5)
BOS (30.5)
SD (30.5)
TEX (28.5)
ATL (33.5)
CLE (32.5)
BAL (20.5)
HOU (33.5)
CHC (32.5)

If you missed the segment, click play below to listen.

Kyle Ottenheimer

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