PressBox’s chief grand poobah Stan “The Fan” Charles joined Glenn Clark Radio in studio Wednesday for another round of “Five Words Or Less.”

The sports figures discussed this week were:
-“After much speculation, he confirmed on Instagram yesterday that he will return for the 2020 season to make quote ‘one more run at it’ unquote with the New Orleans Saints,” legendary quarterback Drew Brees-G
-“Typically soft-spoken, his comments yesterday appeared to hold even more value in baseball circles. Among the things he said when asked about the Astros controversy included quote ‘I feel like every single guy over there needs a beating,’ unquote and said that Rob Manfred should be embarrassed of himself for how he handled the scandal,” Braves outfielder and former Oriole Nick Markakis-S
-“Remarkably not only did he survive a horrifying crash late in the Daytona 500 Monday with non life-threatening injuries, as of yesterday he was able to speak with family and friends,” veteran NASCAR driver Ryan Newman-G-“While the Orioles added Tommy Millone recently, there are still a few potential starting pitching options still on the market, including Collin McHugh and this man who they’re familiar with,” former Orioles pitcher Andrew Cashner-S
-“He was suspended for four games last week for violating the NFL’s performance enhancing substance policy, making some Ravens fans wonder if the team might not just part ways with him altogether at this point,” six year veteran Offensive Lineman James Hurst-G
-“During Maryland’s now nine game win streak, Jalen Smith grabbed much of the initial attention but of late he’s been the star of the show including an absolutely monster close to the Michigan State game-perhaps re-writing his legacy in College Park,” senior point guard Anthony Cowan-S
-“As the MLB commissioner continues to receive negative publicity, he has received significant acclaim for implementing the Target Score concept to the NBA All-Star Game, which produced what fans believed was one of the best products in All-Star history,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver-G
-“The Athletic first reported that the Giants have decided to exclude him from all formal celebrations of the 10th anniversary of their 2010 World Series title because of some of the awful things he has said in his post playing career-including criticism of them hiring a female to their coaching staff-making it clear it is not about his support for Donald Trump. This comes despite the significant role he played in San Francisco winning that World Series,” former Orioles slugger Aubrey Huff-S
-“His reinstatement to the NFL was followed by more controversy, as he maintained in an ESPN interview that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur before he attacked Rudolph with his helmet. Rudolph has denied it, the NFL says they do not have any audio recordings and Mike Tomlin has been full-throated in defense of his backup quarterback in response,” Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett-G
-“Despite knocking down Tyson Fury twice in their first fight, many fans and analysts believe he should have lost the fight-which ended in a draw. He gets his second chance this Saturday night in Vegas with all of the major heavyweight belts at stake,” “The Bronze Bomber” Deontay Wilder-S

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