Stan The Fan Has Come Around To Idea Schilling Is And Will Be Hall Of Famer

PressBox chief grand poobah Stan “The Fan” Charles joined Glenn Clark Radio in studio Tuesday for another round of “Five Words Or Less.”

The sports figures discussed this week were:
-“With rumors swirling that he and Jose Altuve in particular may have been wearing buzzers as part of the Astros’ elaborate sign-stealing scheme, he was particularly uninterested in answering questions about the scandal during the team’s FanFest event this weekend…although he DID call the buzzer accusations ‘stupid,’ for what it’s worth,” Houston All-Star third baseman Alex Bregman-S
-“Thanks to his 220 yard, four touchdown effort in the NFC Championship Game, some fans and analysts are starting to wonder what the six previous teams he played for missed when they decided to either not give him a chance or let him go…including the Ravens,” 49ers running back Raheem Mostert-G
-“Probably the biggest star in the sport at the moment, he heads to the Super Bowl having lead his offense to touchdowns on 12 of their last 17 possessions,” Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes-S
-“Ravens fans seem to have mixed feelings towards him, as he retired yesterday and seems to mean it this time at the age of 70,” former Titans, Ravens and Patriots Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees-G
-“More fallout from the Astros scandal, she was criticized for going after whisteblower Mike Fiers during an ESPN interview, both inappropriate and seemingly a conflict of interest considering her consultant role with the Mets-whose then manager Carlos Beltran was embroiled in the scandal,” Sunday Night Baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza-S
-“The only real ‘news’ to come out of John Harbaugh’s season ending press conference last Friday was that he and Bobby Engram had pulled their names out of consideration for the Eagles’ Offensive Coordinator job, meaning the Ravens will be able to keep their entire coaching staff in tact after a massive season,” Baltimore quarterbacks coach James Urban-G
-“This year’s Baseball Hall of Fame class will be announced tonight and will obviously include Derek Jeter, the chances for Larry Walker’s inclusion look pretty good and the biggest question is whether he’ll also make it this year-as he continues to hang just below 80% of votes with about half of all ballots publicly known via,” controversial former Red Sox and Orioles pitcher Curt Schilling-S
-“He picked up an impressive TKO win over Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Saturday night at UFC 246 and rumors began swirling after Floyd Mayweather posted a photo on Instagram promoting a hypothetical rematch with him this year…Mayweather also posted a picture promoting a hypothetical fight with fellow UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov for what it’s worth,” UFC superstar Conor McGregor-G
-“As the Australian Open continues this week in Melbourne, some have been critical of him for playing the event with smoke from the country’s bushfires impacting the air during qualifying last week, while others have defended the significance of the event for a country that has experienced such turmoil in recent months,” Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley-S
-“His snub as a nominee for Best Actor at the Academy Awards has proven to be a lingering controversy, with an unnamed Academy member confirming to the New York Post that part of the consideration in voting was a penalty for other truly awful movies he’s made-making him unworthy as a nominee in general,” Uncut Gems star Adam Sandler-G

Glenn Clark

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